Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Piwakawaka's Adventure at the zoo

Junior Trip to the Hamilton Zoo

On Tuesday we went on the bus to Hamilton zoo, with the rest of the Junior school.

We saw lots of animals - Riley
We got to see the giraffes - Sam
I liked the peacocks and colourful parrots - Daniel
We had an ice-cream - Charlotte
We got to see the baby zebra - Tahlia
We saw the tiger's new enclosure. The tigers were looking around their enclosure. - Anja
I saw cheetahs - Alanna
We played on the playground - Keegan
We saw a baby rhino - Noah
We went on the bus to the zoo. It had curtains - Isla
We saw a baby chimpanzee - Zach
I saw a baby peacock - Charlotte
I liked seeing the peacocks and the colourful parrots - Aston
I liked seeing the baby zebra - Tui
The tigers were cool - Britney
On the bus we had no seat belts in the back row - Mia
The bus ride was fun - Harry

We saw patterns on their bodies and tails.

Some animals were having a rest.

Some animals were sunbathing.

The tiger came very close to us.

We saw the stripes on the tiger.

Giraffes have very long necks, and like to eat thorny plants.

The male peacock likes to show off with a pretty tail.

What a fabulous day we had at the zoo!

Monday, 17 October 2016

Ag Day Fun

Baby Ducklings visit Ruma Piwakawaka

On Ag day, our class mate Aston and his Mum, brought in his baby ducklings to show us.

We got to watch them have a bath in our sink, and then they had some food.

Do you know what they like to eat?  Soggy weetbix!! 
"One duckling kept stepping in the weetbix" said Anja.

Then we wrapped them in a towel to help them dry and we got to give them a cuddle.

"It is so fluffy, it feels like a soft pillow" said Charlotte.

"It felt warm" said Zach

"They have little wings" said Anja

"They are soft" said Tui

"They are cute, and they had pink beaks" said Mia

"I liked holding them, and one tickled me" said Sam

"They were so yellow" said Harry

Isla's calf at Ag day

Our class went out to the field to see the calves, lambs and goats that children had brought for Ag day.

Our class mate Isla was taking part in Ag day with her calf called 'Beauty".

She has spent weeks training her calf. Here is what Isla said she had to do to get Beauty ready for Ag day.
I had to make her go over wood and through zig-zags.
I had to lead her.
And take her over to her mother.
I had to feed her.
I had to clean her, and brush her.

Well done Isla!! 
We are very proud of you.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

What a week!

Book Week & Hockey

We have had a busy week in Ruma Piwakawaka!

We enjoyed having our grandparents and whanau come and read to us
earlier in the week.

Then we had a special visit from a local author and illustrator, 
Paul Martin, who wrote the comic book 
The adventures of Kory 'Flight of the Kiwi'.

 He spoke to us about how he had the ideas for the story, and how long it took to draw the pictures.

We thought we would try and do some drawings of Kory.

On Friday, we celebrated the end of book week with a 'dress up as a book character' day.
We had to reuse, and recycle to make home made character outfits.
Look how amazing we all are!!

Hairy Maclary and Cat in the Hat were voted best dressed girl and boy.

We had our second session in hockey this week too.

We loved playing a little game where you had to get the hockey ball into your team's goal. It was fun!!!